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Common Questions

please read below the common questions that may help you before contacting.

How to look after my Tie Dye?

  • Preparing your washing machine

When you do come to wash your tie-dye, try to wash it alone or with other tie dye items. 

Make sure you use good quality laundry detergent, it’s a good quality tie-dye after all! And don’t forget a colour catchers!

  • Inside the washing machine

Put your washing machine on a gentle and cold cycle.

Don’t let your tie-dye sit in the washing machine for too long after the cycle has finished. The colour can bleed when the tie-dye
is damp.

  • Outside the washing machine

Air dry your tie-dye when possible. If not, dry in the dryer on a medium or low heat setting.

 How do I get a custom made clothing?

 if you have a design idea or some art you'd like me to make into some clothing please message below or message me on my instagram @Millersmind. to make the process as fast as possible please let me know what type of clothing you would like (sweatshirt,hoodie ex) and which colours youd like the tie dye to be and if you already have the artwork a picture of that. 

 Will my order look exactly like the picture?

Due to tie dye never being exactly the same your order might look slighty different to the picture on the site, however I make sure i use the same technec and the same colours as I did with the displaid products so they wont be far off.